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Stroj za usitnjavanje granula za fertilizaciju tla

Data retrieved from the FSB repository on Dabar, on April 11 2020,


The subject of this thesis is the development of a machine for processing mineral fertilizer granules. This thesis starts with an explanation of problems which occur during fertilization process using fertilizer with conventional granules. Furthermore, benefits in using the fertilizer microparticles are consideredThe most important physical and chemical properties of conventional granules have also been explained. Then it was necessary to research the market to check if there were any machines for processing materials with similar properties. Then, the functional decomposition and morphological chart were made so that it is possible to better understand the device's subsystems and it's operation in terms of functions, and possible partial solutions for these functions. Finally, multiple concepts were generated and evaluated. One concept was chosen for the detalization phase where neccessary calculations were done and technical documentation was made.



Matija Roginić




Bachelor thesis


Matija Roginić - Bachelor thesis