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Tractor driven snow cleaning device

Data retrieved from the FSB repository, on February 09 2017,


This masters paper it was made development, design and construction of device for cleaning snow and ice driven by tractor. As part of the paper I will study the history of machines for cleaning snow and market analyze. Functional decomposition and morphological matrix have been made and there were proposed two concepts of device. Then we did an analysis of demands where we evaluate and select better concept through different criteria. This concept was then developed and designed. Aimed at both public and private companies and public persons who have a need to clean grater amounts of snow. There is a market for such devices, however, most of the devices is designed for very large amounts of snow or those relatively small and there is lack of those devices which would be between two groups. Requirements that have been taken into account were the simplicity, low cost, low weight and safety. With a designed of device there are also written guidelines for possible improvement and further development of the device.



Matija Batan




Master thesis


Matija Batan - Master thesis