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Tractor mounted device for chopping of plant remains


This thesis elaborates the design of the device for chopping plant remains (wood chipper). It is a farm device designed for handling wood scraps, branches and other above-ground biomass and producing sawdust. The product of grinding (saw) can be used for the production of blanks for wood industry, decorative elements for gardens and parks, materials for fuel and biomass. The wood chipper is a mobile machine of a solid construction. Material is cut in its housing containing the circuit with knives. The wood chipper is designed to allow easy removal and re-set of knives. The saw is ejected through the outlet channel whose opening is located at the height of 1700 mm. The device is mounted on a tractor using the Three-Point Free-Link attachment and is intended for tractors power up to 64 HP.



Zvonimir Tepeš




Master thesis