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Tractor mounted mulcher

Data retrieved from the FSB repository, on February 09 2017,


In this paper it was needed to conceive and construct a tractor attachment for cutting and chopping weeds and small shrubs. The analysis of existing solutions on the market defined structural and functional requirements. Since the device is connected to the tractor, and it gets the power needed to operate it was necessary to examine the dimensions of the connector and the parameters of the drive. By analyzing the functional decomposition and morphological matrix two concepts were made. Evaluation of concepts selected the best of them. Using the input variables defined before, calculation of the critical points of the structure and elements for power transmission was carried out. According to the figures from the calculation standard parts were selected. After selecting standard parts a 3d model was made and on the basis of it, technical documentation is derived



Ivan Žanetić




Bachelor thesis


Ivan Žanetić - Bachelor thesis