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Tractor mounted mulcher

Data retrieved from the FSB repository, on January 30 2018,


The task of this graduate thesis was to develop concepts and to design a Tractor mounted mulcher. Drive of the mulcher had to be done from the tractor's output shaft. Data about existing products on the market, how they connect to tractor and parameters of tractor drive train were collected by conducting a market analyzes. Conceptual stage, in which four concepts were generated and evaluated, was based on the market research. Best-rated concept was chosen for further elaboration. Evaluation of concepts was based on nine criteria that had different weight factors. From the calculations a computer model of the product was created in the 3D CAD system. Technical documentation of the main assemblies and parts of the product was also created. The result of the carried out work is the machine which weighs 358 kg and meets the set requirements.



Tomislav Kežman




Master thesis


Tomislav Kežman - Master thesis