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Tractor mounted stone crusher

Data retrieved from the FSB repository, on October 01 2019,


The task of the graduate thesis was to conceive and construct tractor mounted machine which would be used to crush the stone on the land provided for processing and planting crop. The propulsion of this attachment had to be performed from the tractor’s output shaft and it had to be designed for category 2 tractors. The working width of machine is 1500 mm. A detailed market analysis was conducted and based on that, functional decomposition, morphological matrix and three concepts were made. Each one of the three concepts has been evaluated based on given criteria and most suitable concept was chosen. The most suitable concept has been elaborated in detail, required calculations were made and a 3D CAD model was constructed. Based on constructed model, the technical documentation of the basic assemblies and parts of machine was developed. The result of this thesis is tractor mounted stone crusher which fulfills all given parameters.



Domagoj Lukšić




Master thesis


Domagoj Lukšić - Master thesis