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Upgrading the device for calibration of the measurement tapes

Data retrieved from the FSB repository, on February 09 2017,


This work describes a procedure of redesigning the device for calibration of the measurement tapes from the Laboratory for precision length measurements at the Faculty of mechanical engineering and naval architecture in Zagreb. In the introduction basic information about types of measuring tapes and explanation of calibration procedure are given. Additionally, there is a brief insight in current equipment at the Laboratory. Redesgning process starts with the analysis of current solution at the Laboratory in comparison with other, functionally matching, devices. For this purpose a thorough analysis of current device charateristics and flaws was made and patents in the relevant field were overviewed. The result of this analysis was a list of requirements on which a functional flow diagram was made, and possible technical solutions potentionally useful for new design were considered, which is shown in morphological matrix. Combining technical solutions from the morphological matrix two conceps were generated. The chosen concept is one that fulfills user requirements and provides a new approach to mesurement tapes calibration process, which was followed by further detailing of the chosen design. Design process was followed by calculations of chosen components as well as explanations regarding the choice of off-the-shelf components and detailed design of custom parts. Final result of this work is technical documentation of the new design of the measurement tapes calibration device.



Daria Vlah




Bachelor thesis


Daria Vlah - Bachelor thesis