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Upravljanje projektima razvoja proizvoda u okolini PLM sustava

Data retrieved from the FSB repository on Dabar, on February 27 2023,


The thesis describes, tests, analyzes and applies individual elements of the Enovia module within the PLM system 3DExperience in development projects within the company Bugatti Rimac d.o.o. With the aim of presenting the capabilities of the Enovia Project Management application and the way to integrate design documentation and team communication into project management processes. Parts of the issue and description of the company Bugatti Rimac explain how the idea of this work came about and what its goals are. The theoretical aspects of project management are briefly described in order to provide a theoretical background to the terms that are essential for the practical part of the work. The practical work shows the analysis and application of Enovia elements, more precisely the Enovia Project Management application on part of the development project within the company Bugatti Rimac and its benefits. The 3DSwym and 3DDashboard applications were also analyzed and explained. Examples of comparisons with problems that occur in everyday practice are presented, as well as possible improvements by applying the mentioned system.



Davor Vrbos




Master thesis


Davor Vrbos - Master thesis