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Uređaj za drobljenje lješnjaka

Data retrieved from the FSB repository on Dabar, on March 03 2022,


Topic of this undergraduate thesis is conceptualization and design of a hazelnut crushing device. The main goal of the device is to crack the shell without damaging the kernel. The purpose of this device is to meet the needs of small and medium manufacturers. The device has to be able to sort the hazelnuts based on their size or to adjust the process of cracking to different sizes. Secondary objective is to separate the kernel from the by-product. The research of the present technology on the market was conducted in the first part of the thesis. From there, different concepts were designed. The most favourable concept was chosen and it was further developed, the nonstandard parts were analysed and finally 3D CAD model and the technical documentation were made.



Antonio Strahija




Bachelor thesis


Antonio Strahija - Bachelor thesis