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Uređaj za muljanje i prešanje jagodičastog voća

Data retrieved from the FSB repository on Dabar, on October 09 2021,


This work is based on a market analysis which determined that there was no device on the market that would satisfy the needs of small wine producers, such as small investment and operating costs of the device. The task of this work is to create a product that would offer potential buyers, that is, small manufacturers exactly what they need to make a profitable investment in such a product. By analyzing the market and user needs, we find out what is currently on the market and what are the customer needs. Based on this information, the technical specification that the product must have is made. Different methods are used in product development, such as functional decomposition, morphological matrix, concepts and techno-economic analysis to obtain the optimal solution or product. The chosen solution is further elaborated and formatted in the selected computer program (SolidWorks). Finally, the technical documentation for the production of the product is made.



Matej Grozdanić




Bachelor thesis


Matej Grozdanić - Bachelor thesis