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Uređaj za peletiranje hmelja

Data retrieved from the FSB repository on Dabar, on October 14 2021,


This bachelor thesis shows development and design of a device for pelletizing hops. The device is intended to be used by low scale beer producers. In the introduction part there is a representation of the hop plant, as well as its use in the brewing of the beer. Also, there is a representation of forms of hops used in beer production along with the advantages and disadvantages of using a given form. Conditions, wanted for pelletizing hops, are explained. After that, pelletizing machines on the market are analyzed, as well as cooling system solutions, that could be used on pelletizing machines so they are adequate for the production of hops pellets. After the analysis, functional decomposition and morphological matrix are made, which are a base for making three concepts. The best evaluated concept is elaborated and technical documentation is made for it.



Ivan Krešimir Letica




Bachelor thesis


Ivan Krešimir Letica - Bachelor thesis