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Usporedba 3D skenera u skeniranju osnovnih geometrijskih oblika

Data retrieved from the FSB repository on Dabar, on February 27 2023,


The topic of this thesis is a comparison of the capabilities of the Creality CR-Scan 01 scanner and the Tupel 3D Dental Scanner when scanning basic geometric shapes, and a comparison of the associated software applications. 3D scanning is a process of creating a digital record of a physical object, environment or person, with increasingly common application in different areas and continuous growth along with the development of new 3D scanning technologies. This thesis mainly describes structured light technology that is used in the work of the mentioned 3D scanners. Also, the parameters that affect the scanning process are described, the steps of the scanning process and the steps of post-processing of the resulting scans, for each software application separately, so that the comparison of their capabilities would be clearer later. A test scanning was performed to define a useful test set of geometric shapes for comparison, which consists of a cube as a base and variable extensions: hemisphere, cone, cylinder, cube and pyramid. Eight combinations were used by changing the extensions on a cube with one slot and a cube with two extension slots. The obtained and processed 3D models were compared to the reference model at selected characteristic points.



Ivona Taradi




Bachelor thesis


Ivona Taradi - Bachelor thesis