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Vibracijsko sito za odvajanje lišća od maslina

Data retrieved from the FSB repository on Dabar, on October 07 2021,


Olive growing has been widespread in Istria, Dalmatia, and the Primorje since the time of Ancient Greece and Rome. In addition to domestic indigenous varieties, foreign varieties are equally widespread. Different varieties also have different fruit characteristics. The fruits vary from small and round to larger and ovoid. Large differences in the size and shape of the fruit make it difficult to clean the fruit from the leaves. Furthermore, in the territory of the Republic of Croatia, a large number of olive growers have smaller plantations - up to about 500 olive trees. To facilitate and speed up the cleaning of olives, for small and medium-sized olive growers, a device for cleaning olive fruits from leaves has been developed, which uses the principle of vibration to perform the main function. The paper, in the first part, analyzes the target group of customers and compares competitors' devices with their advantages and disadvantages exposed. For the newly developed device, functional analysis was performed based on which a morphological matrix was created. After all the generated concepts were compared, the best one was selected for which a detailed construction elaboration was presented. Finally, the performance of the device was analyzed based on customer requirements. In the paper's appendix, technical documentation of the developed device can be found.



Luka Brozić




Master thesis


Luka Brozić - Master thesis