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Development of Remotely Operated Submersible Device for Inspecting of Welds in Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel (INETEC, EGPR 2015)


For the EGPR 2015 project, students were set the challenging task of designing a remotely operated device for inspecting the reactor pressure vessel in nuclear power stations. Many aspects of the problem were investigated including; underwater propulsion, accurate location of vessel features, non-destructive testing methods and scanning procedures, power and data connections, and vehicle control. The most promising design concept identified by INETEC used perpendicular rails and suction cups to ‘walk’ along the surface of the reactor vessel, allowing fast and accurate scanning of welds. Five teams of students each focussed on different aspects of the design, and excellent teamwork and communication were required to ensure compatibility between subsystems in the final prototype. The final workshop was hosted by Zagreb University, with the successful assembly and testing of the prototype performed at INETECs facilities.

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Project coordinator:

Dorian Marjanović

Contact person:

Ante Bakić


2014 - 2015