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Innovative Development of Exhaust System for Gas Turbines (ALSTOM)


Goal of the project is to define fundamental Activities and Processes for Development of new Exhaust Gas Systems for Big Stationary Gas Turbines. This activity has to be partly applicable also for Existing Design improvement.

Project tasks:

a.     Identify the functions and requirements of the exhaust parts

b.     Identify the critical parameters and phenomena driving the function and requirement fulfillment

Historical overview of design and operation experience

Diagnose the failures - analysis and capturing the design intent (technologydriven evolution of a product, root cause analysis, functional analysis, QFD)

Resolve contradictions on working parameters (Design Structure Matrix, TRIZ)

c.     Create a set of innovative design concept matching the functions and requirements identified in a)

d.     Perform the risk assessment – predictive failure analysis for the lifetime (FMEA)

e.     Verify and/or enhance existing methods of exhaust parts lifetime prediction and determination of boundary conditions

f.      Perform and document necessary sensitivity studies with respect to b), in order to support and verify design concepts derived in c)

Project associates

Project associate-organisations

Project coordinator:

Dorian Marjanović

Contact person:

Mario Domboš


2013 - 2016