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Izrada računalnih prikaza sklopova proizvoda tehnologijama povratnog inženjerstva

Data retrieved from the FSB repository on Dabar, on February 27 2023,


This undergraduate thesis deals with the creation of computer representations of product assemblies used for the purpose of analysis of functions, used materials, its structure and manufacturing processes. The goal of the thesis was to design a methodology for creating computer representations of product assemblies using reverse engineering technologies, primarily 3D scanning technologies, along with the construction of simpler components by the means of CAD modeling. 3D scanning technology and available devices in the Design Laboratory – CADLab at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture are described. The methodology includes the choice of the appropriate scanner according to the size of the component and the requirements for the resolution of the model, the scanning process and the processing of the obtained data. Data processing includes cleaning and aligning point clouds, surface reconstruction and color assignment. Optimization of the mesh to reduce the necessary computer resources for its display is achieved by adaptively reducing the number of triangles with a tolerated deviation from the initial surface. Monochromatic components can be assigned a color, while components with more complex colors need to be manually textured. Meshlab was used for point cloud processing, surface reconstruction and texturing, while Fusion 360 was used for assembly creation, mesh optimization and model sharing. Use of the developed methodology is shown on the example of a Bosch leaf blower assembly.



Ivan Perković




Bachelor thesis


Ivan Perković - Bachelor thesis