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Konstruiranje naprave za pozicioniranje pri zavarivanju

Data retrieved from the FSB repository on Dabar, on February 27 2023,


The topic of this thesis is to design of device for positioning during welding in order to reduce time and increase the quality of the weld. The device will primarily be used for welding the frame of supporting structure of the product. The frame has large dimensions and it is made of large number of parts. Using the device, it will be possible to manipulate the frame, i.e. rotation, tilting and lifting. Furthermore, simple and safe handling is expected from the device. In the paper, based on the defined requirements, three concepts were designed, of which the best one was selected through evaluation. This was followed by construction elaboration in the form of critical parts and the design of CAD model in the Siemens NX program, as well as the creation of technical documentation.



Elizabeta Vučković




Master thesis