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Robot za penjanje po stubama

Data retrieved from the FSB repository on Dabar, on October 14 2021,


This bachelor thesis shows the development and construction of a device that can climb stairs. The device should be able to be operated by a remote operator who will be able to clearly define the environment of the device with the help of sensors and measuring systems. The primary purpose is to participate in searches in disaster-stricken areas and to participate in reconnaissance operations. The introduction presents the facts of population growth in urban areas, which indicates an increased risk of natural disasters such as earthquakes or fires. For rescuers to be safe, we need devices that can examine the higher floors of urban buildings, while overcoming the stairs. After the introduction, a market analysis and research papers on the topic of robots with the possibility of overcoming the stairs were made, and some of the solutions were presented. Then a functional decomposition is made which describes all the functions and subfunctions that the device must perform. From the decomposition, a morphological matrix is created that contains some possible solutions of the mentioned functions. Combining solutions from the morphological matrix generated two concepts which were then evaluated. The e laboration of a better concept continued, for which calculations, a 3D model and technical documentation were then made.



Luka Plavšić




Bachelor thesis


Luka Plavšić - Bachelor thesis