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Sjekač granja na hidrauličnoj ruci

Data retrieved from the FSB repository on Dabar, on October 14 2021,


In the introduction is explained what is pruning of branches and hedges. Also, it is explained the importance which circumcision has on caring for trees and hedges. Introduction is followed by market analysis, which shows the methods and different types of pruning devices. The assignment of this thesis was to conceptualise and design tractor attachment for pruning tree tops, orchards and hedges, by reviewing existing products from this group, concepts were generated. Based on the particular criteria, which represent the most important characteristics of the device, concepts were evaluated and the one with the highest sum was selected. Then started a detailed elaboration of the device in which were selected standard parts and computed the ones that were nonstandard. Based on the completed calculation, a 3D model of the device and tehnical documentation were made in SolidWorks software package. Finally, a detailed presentation and description of the device and its operation was made.



Nikola Crkvenac




Master thesis


Nikola Crkvenac - Master thesis