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Traktorski priključak za prozračivanje travnjaka

Data retrieved from the FSB repository on Dabar, on December 21 2019,


The introductory part of this master’s thesis defines the concept of turf aeration and deals with the importance of this procedure with regard to turf care. The introduction is followed by a market analysis which goes into the different modes of aeration and types of aerators. Since the objective of this thesis was to design and construct a tractor attachment for turf aeration, an overview of the existing products in this product range was offered, from which three concepts were singled out. With regard to certain criteria related to the main features of such devices, a concept evaluation was conducted, and the best product was determined according to the sum of its scores. After the best concept had been chosen, the device was analysed in detail and the standard parts were selected, whereas non-standard parts were determined on the basis of calculations. The conducted calculations allowed for a 3D model of the device and associated technical documentation to be created in the SolidWorks software package. Finally, a detailed scheme and description of the device and its operation were drawn up.



Matej Lesar




Master thesis


Matej Lesar - Master thesis