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Uređaj za čišćenje krovova

Data retrieved from the FSB repository on Dabar, on October 14 2021,


The topic of this thesis is design and development of a roof cleaning device. It was first necessary to investigate the types and shapes of roofing, analyze the causes of contamination and their impact on the roof surface. Reviewing the methods of roof cleaning, patents and existing devices on the market provides an insight into the current state of technology and practice in this field. Prior to the product development phase of the process, product requirements, development goals and technical characteristics were defined. Functional decomposition and morphological matrix were formed based on the recognized functions of the device which led to development of three concepts. The concept chosen for further development is selected after mutual comparison and evaluation of their capabilities. In the design phase, the subsystems of the device are defined in detail with mechanical components designed and chosen specifically to meet the requirements. This is followed by mechanical calculation intended for validation of the design. Finally, the model of the device is formed using a 3D CAD software, as well as technical documentation needed for component manufacturing and final assembly.



Katarina Filić




Master thesis


Katarina Filić - Master thesis