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Uređaj za čišćenje solarnih ploča

Data retrieved from the FSB repository on Dabar, on March 03 2022,


This bachelor's thesis presents the process of conceptualization and design of an autonomous device for cleaning of solar panels. The device uses electrical energy and is intended to be used primarily for cleaning rows of solar panels on medium-sized solar farms. At the beginning of the thesis, the working principle of solar panels is described and the need for their cleaning is explained. An analysis of registered patents and existing solutions on the market is made, followed by a functional decomposition of the device. Following this, a morphological matrix is created which presents partial solutions for the device's functions, after which 4 concepts are generated, the best of which is selected to be further developed. The process of choosing bought parts is explained and calculations are made to show the parts are suitable for usage within the device. At the end of the thesis, a CAD model of the final design is presented, made in the Solidworks 2020 software, and a conclusion is made. In the attachment of the thesis, the technical documentation produced for the device can be found.



Filip Panđa




Bachelor thesis


Filip Panđa - Bachelor thesis