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Model of the Intelligent CAE System


The Model of an ICAE system is developed. Influencing factors were subject of research defining product's properties, by the potential relation market. By appropriate design process level, the appropriate solution level is achieved as well. Design process development included the automatization of assembly modelling, by flexible program structures. The hierarchical data structure was applied with virtual links between nodes. A description language is necessary for the manipulation of such a model. Compilation of classical CAD systems and it's properties has lead to an network model conception. This model can be adapted to different problem domains by design protocol. A brief method for recording relative entity positions in a variant drawing is proposed. Program system is adaptable to different CAD systems. In a purpose to transform geometrical informations to technological operations, the classification system and principals are defined. The method is verified by the drilling technology classifier. A successful application of such a system is aided by appropriate user interfaces. A communication model for designer is developed. This model is tested on a tool for design of mechanical power transmissions.

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Principal researcher:

Aurel Kostelić ✝


1991 - 1995


Funding source:

Ministry of Science and Technology of Rebublic of Croatia