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Visually Augmented Analysis of Complex Information Structures Evolving in Socio-technical Systems (VISINEV)


The way in which the information is consumed is necessarily influenced by the organisational dynamics of processes which created and consumed that very information. The uncertainty of changes in the way in which information needs to be processed imposes new demands on the adaptability of R&D organizations. Information dynamics as the process that encompasses the generation, dissemination, filtering, reprocessing and storage of particular types of information across different types of hierarchical social networks involved in complex R&D organisations must be viewed holistically and from a systemic perspective, bearing in mind the complexity of the fundamental systems design process. In studying information evolution, there is a need to take into account the dependencies between informational content and context and the cognitive dynamics in order to systemically link information evolution to knowledge creation, learning resistance, information overflow, selective processing and innovation. Visual representation and analysis of information evolution is a method by which the technology can augment human capabilities in order to meet the challenges of management of complex information structures. Augmenting natural ability to deal with large complex digital repositories of information is achieved when suitable visualisation technique is applied to foster interpretation of their content and context. Building on these human-centred characteristics, modern computer based information visualisation tools offer environments for effective complex information analysis. User friendly graphical interfaces backed with underlining algorithms through which information context and content evolution can be analyzed as spatially organized and interactive improve both the information understanding for retrieval and reuse process. The aim of the VISINEV project is to augment understanding of the trends and risk related to the information exchange, knowledge growth, innovation creation and learning in socio-technical environments of contemporary organisations that are performing product/systems development, by applying advanced interactive visualisation and analysis approaches combined with the study of the organisational dynamics.

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Mario Štorga


2013 - 2015


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EUREKA Programme EU