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Models and Methods of the Advanced Computer Support of Product Develoment


Integrated product development a prerequisite for market success in a global economy, and a dislocated development and production presupposes the integration of information flows. Therefore it is becoming a need for integration of existing heterogeneous applications, and developing a general process of data transfer between them. Objectives of the project: (1) modeling of structural knowledge as a prerequisite for the integration of various tools in the area of ​​plan design (and beyond), (2) develop own systems to support the exchange and management of product information throughout the development cycle of the product, and (3) analysis of the rate of implementation plan design process. The hypothesis of this project is that the object-oriented methods can model the design process and product design knowledge and that they can be coupled with existing CAD / CAE tools to develop an integrated environment for product development. Expected results: Expansion on modelling structural knowledge and definition of the fundamental concepts and features of the system for the management and handling of product information are the main contribution of the proposed research. Application of the theoretical part of the task will result in a detailed description of the proposed implementation of the semantic and structural environmental standards ISO 10303 (STEP). Particular attention will be devoted to the application of international Internet standards like XML technology, regarding defining the structure of XML specifications for the exchange and management of information about the product by previously submitted STEP semantic and structural basis. On the scientific level verification will be based on the contributions in a dissertation and three master's theses, organization of two international conferences (2002, 2004), and the publication of results in articles and proceedings of international conferences. The application of research results will be tested in a real environment and verification of the results of implementation.

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Dorian Marjanović


2002 - 2006


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Ministry of Science, Education and Sport of Republic of Croatia